Pipeline-TV and Root Cutting

Our TV-inspection cameras bring light and color into dark sewer pipes. Our spectrum of services includes the examination with modern cameras of the structural conditions of sewer systems and the exact location of defective sites.

Pipes with diameters of 70mm to 1000mmm are inspected with various camera attachments. Damaged spots are localized, measured, and either photographed or video recorded.

Computer-supported Recording of the Inspection Data according to Austrian Television Guidelines:

  • Video Recording

  • Data Analysis

  • Protocol

  • Classification of Damages

  • Nominal diameter of 70-1000

We remove roots

grown into pipelines electromechanically or hydraulically with medium water pressure. Over the years, only timely removal can ensure the continued operation of pipeline and prevent the necessity for complex earthworks.

  • Can navigate angles of up to 67 degrees

  • Lengths of up to 140 m

  • Manageable

  • Panorama Head of up to 320 degrees

  • Data Overlay

Pöck's KanalTV-Werzeuge