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10 good reasons to heat with oil:

Heizöl Flamme

Modern oil heating is the preferred heating system. More than 3 million Austrians heat with oil. The oil heating system is technically perfect, user friendly, and safe to operate due to decades of intensive research and development.

High annual efficiency, low energy consumption, and the freedom to choose your own supplier all guarantee low fuel costs.

Every year all over the world, more crude oil is discovered than is consumed. Reserves will last well into the next century.

Modern oil heating is among one of the most environmentally friendly heating systems.

The new oil heating system is ideal for combining with alternative energy systems (solar panels, heating pumps, etc.).

The energy reserves in your own heating oil tank will make you independent of pipeline-bound energy carriers.

The adjustment controls of new oil heating systems provide the optimal amount of warmth in the right place at the right time.

Correct dimensioning of the boiler will save you a fistful of money.

The modernization of old oil heating systems is usually cheaper than the changeover to other energy carriers and reduces heating costs by up to a third.

The conversion from solid fuels to oil heating sinks fuel costs, provides you with more free time, and allows the environment to breathe a sigh of relief.