WC Rental Service

We offer clean and customized solutions in the Portable Toilet Service field.
Our complete service offers needs-based, environmentally-responsible, and cost-effective solutions.
We are available for public and private events, construction sites, or renovations.

Our service includes:

  • Free delivery and pick-up of the WC cabins

  • Regular emptying of tanks, cleaning, and disinfection – individualized to customer needs

  • Cabins fitted with toilet paper

  • Equipment of cabins with toilet seats, urinals, toilet paper holders, and ventilators

  • Guarantee of lawful compliance for the disposal of sewage

Choose from four equipments:

  • WC – Standard – the simple toilet for construction sites (sitting tank and urinal)

  • WC – Standard Plus (additional hand wash basin)

  • WC – VIP Equipment: the exclusive toilet for your event (including hand wash basin, paper towels, soap dispenser, mirror,  hand pump with flush and visual cover of the faeces tank)

  • WC – Handycap (accessible for wheelchairs)

We take the waste out of your business!

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