Quality is one of our business objectives

We satisfy the expectations of our customers through premium services; this is especially true of the quality of our planned and displaced disposal and sanitation services.

Therefore we are even more pleased to announce that our business has been certified according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9002 since 1999.

Since then, we have received recertification according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9002 every three years, thus substantiating our success. These inspections guarantee that particular standards are constantly maintained.

In 2003, the certificate of a waste management company was conferred upon us.

Pöck's Entsorgungsfachbetrieb-Zertifikat
ISO Zertifikat Qualitätsmanagement System der Pöck GmbH

In order to receive the certificate, we had to fulfill the following requirements:

  • operational organization

  • fully-equipped personnel

  • operational log

  • insurance coverage

  • reliability of the factory owner

  • reliability of responsible parties

  • education and advanced training of responsible parties

Certification comes with the following advantages for our company and for our customers:

  • the optimization of successive operations

  • improved competitive capability

  • long term documentation and security of the quality of corporate

  • legal security

As a certified waste management company, our company will be audited and recertified on a yearly basis.