Street Cleaning

Clean and well-tended surfaces and paths in private residences are a personal right. They are an additional component of the respectable image of every business.

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Our Services

Cleaning of

Streets, sidewalks, undeveloped areas, parking spaces and garages, storage and production halls in intervals, or one time cleanings per request

Cleaning of Construction Sites

From one time cleanings up to a permanent presence during peak periods, we offer you a broad spectrum of services. The choice between hourly billing and bargain flat rates will save you additional money.

Cleaning for Street Fairs / Major Events

Here we offer you dependable cleaning during and after your event. We will organize the removal of garbage – from the set up of additional collection containers at the event grounds to the complete cleaning of the fair area. The cleaning will be carried out during the event in the form of constantly empty collection containers and cleaning of the grounds (as far as this is possible). At the end of your event, we will quickly clear the “mountain of garbage” and return the grounds to their original state as quickly as possible.

Thanks to our transportation services, we are particularly well-suited to arrange a cost effective package for you.

We will develop a customized offer for your property, exactly to your specifications!

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