Fats Separator

Did you know that every year thousands of liters of waste water are purged of your kitchen oils? Unfortunately, such a quantity leaves behind many traces!

Our company has been engaged in the environmentally friendly disposal of the contents of oil separators for decades.

Our offer of service includes:

  • Emptying and maintenance of the separator system

  • Cleaning of the intake and drain lines with high pressure

  • Proper and environmentally friendly disposal of the contents

  • Refilling the system with water

  • Entry in a maintenance book according to Austrian standards

Oil Separator

The proper maintenance of the oil separator system is the onerous, yet necessary duty of every business. An unmaintained oil separator cannot do its job, but with routine maintenance, well-being and safety can be achieved while saving money.

Our service complies in full with the recommendation of the manufacturer in the maintenance book, which only guarantees the effectiveness of the oil separator over a long period of time if the inserted filter is cleaned at least once per year.

If you entrust the maintenance of your system to our team, you can let go of your worries.


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