Drain and Pipe Cleaning

Blockages in your sewage system are unpleasant occurrences and quickly lead to overflowing and all sorts of filth.

What problems might occur?

  • Kitchen Drains: fat, coffee grounds, food remnants, and hardened chemical residue

  • Bathroom Drains: hair, the skin’s natural oils, textiles, cotton, etc.

  • Laundry Room Drains: textile threads, detergent residue

  • Toilets: paper, textiles, bones, kitty litter, etc

  • Urinals: urine scale, tobacco, deodorizer blocks, etc

  • Terrace and Roof Drains: cement mold, foliage, soil, toys, etc.

  • Drain Pipes: roots, scale, gravel, eroded construction waste, soil

  • Sewer and Service Lines: elements from all the various household drains

We will help you promptly and successfully with:

  • Cleaning of sewers and drains with a diameter of 30 mm or more

  • Localization of blocked manholes

  • Ascertaining the course and direction of sewer lines

  • Inspection of Fumes

  • Color Sewer-Television with Video and Log

  • Cleaning of Cesspools and Sinkholes

The solution? Ask our sanitation professionals!

We will select the appropriate equipment or a machine with the appropriate tools for the corresponding pipes and blockages, thereby making sure that the appropriate coils and tools are used for the various diameters and deposits.

We will quickly manage your problems!

If your situation is urgent, our emergency service is here for you: +43 2167 50 50