Product Information Heating Oil & Diesel Fuel

Extra Light Heating Oil

Extra Light Heating Oil (HEL) is certified according to ÖNORM C 1109. The red-colored HEL is in accordance with the gasoline-taxation law and possesses a heating value of 11.9 kWh/Kg. Converted into liters, the heating value averages out to around 10 kWh/Liter. HEL is a pure, distilled product and demonstrates an especially high level of purity. Therefore, in modern oil heating systems, HEL burns free of residue and with low emissions. HEL need not shy away from comparisons with other energy sources.
Extra Light Heating Oil is predominately introduced for the heating of one- and multiple-family houses with a small service range (under 70 kW boiler capacity).

Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel consists of a mix of a various hydrocarbons. The balance point with regard to the composition is 11-18 molecules of hydrocarbon, and the boiling range is 180°C – 360°C. In accordance with the structure of the hydrocarbons, diesel fuel generally comprises 15-25 aromatic compounds and 75 – 85 % paraffin.

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