Technical Gases

When welding, increases in quality and improvements in productivity are crucial prerequisites for the preservation and improvement of competitive ability.

Gases have entirely variable traits:
They can accelerate processes or slow them down, warm products or cool them, change them or preserve them.

They serve as valued yet invisible helpers for mankind and the environment: they keep groceries fresh, help people breathe, are employed in sanitation, and create better living conditions in lakes and rivers.

As one of the leading manufacturers of industrial gases, the Linde company commands the know-how to supply you with the gases of your choice.
As a partner of Linde, we offer you accurately sized supply containers, from 75 liter bottles to large tanks.


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Pöck GmbH is FLAGA sales partner

As we have been direct reseller for Propane gas (liquified petroleum gas) in Neusiedl/See since June 2012, we offer an extensive range of bottle sizes for rent and purchase – from large bottles of 33 kg to small bottles of 5 kg.

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